The Hoodoo Brothers are on the move!

First, we want to say welcome to our new bassist/vocalist Paul Gibson. Paul and Nic go back over 20 years to their days playing together in a few St Louis bands (Reality In Exile, The South Side Johnny Band and Blufish) and brings not only his incredible bass skills but his equally incredible vocal talents. His passion for music and playing live are going to help make THB a powerhouse in 2023! Next time you see us, say hello to Paul! Thanks to Mark Cavender who was our original bassist and was instrumental in getting The Hoodoo Brothers off the ground. 

Next… Last Saturday (9/10/2022) The Hoodoo Brothers participated in the Kansas City Blues Societies (KCBS) competition at Knuckleheads Garage in Kansas City, MO. for a spot at representing the KCBS at the International Blues Competition (IBC) in Memphis, TN. in January 2023.. While we did not win we came away with so much that we felt like winners. We played a killer set of four original songs (Never Going Back Again, Trouble On My Mind, Hellhound, and Time Ain’t On My Side) and one cover song (Coming Home baby! by Ben Tucker) and just nailed it. Paul played it with only one online rehearsal with Nic and the rest of the guys were in rare form. The audience seemed to really enjoy our music and we got rave reviews from a lot of people, included a judge or two, members of the KCBS as well as members of some of the other bands.

Speaking of the other bands, I have to tell you it was so cool to talk with them and get to know them. They were all there to compete, but they were all friendly and not a single group came across as holier than thou. We got to hear some great stories from some of them and got to share the love of blues music. Being able to network and make new acquaintances was just as good as winning. Also, the other five bands prove the amount of shear talent that is out there in the KC community. There are great bands in KC and we are hoping to start making a name for ourselves there.

So what is in store for us?

We have some shows in October and are planning on going into the studio to record our first EP in October or November. We will be launching a GoFundMe campaign soon and appreciate any help and support folks can offer us. Be on the lookout for that music near the end of the year.

We are going to continue writing new material, picking up some new cover songs, and playing shows in Kansas and Missouri, and gearing up to compete in next years IBC. We’re on the move and we hope our friends and fans will join us for the ride! 

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