THB Update

A lot has been going on with the group. We have done a few shows and have been tightening up our set list with music we think not only represents the blues well, but us a group. We continue to tweak the songs we do and are always open to suggestions.

We have submitted our application and it has been accepted to take part in the 38th Internation Blues Challenge (IBC) regional competion. Thanks to Dennis Nelson of the KC Blues Society for prompting us to submit our application. We are excited and humbled to take part, and while we will do everything we can to win, we are just happy to be taking place and getting out in the KC blues community to let folks know about us!

We have been working on our original material and it is coming along very nicely. We are excited about that and hope to possibly have an EP out by the end of the year or early 2023. This will depend on how we do at the IBC. If we win the EP will get pushed later next year as we will need to save to travel to Memphis for the IBC.

We will also be the host band for the October KC Blues Society Meeting/Jam that will be held at The Hideout Bar & Grill in Gladstone, MO. We’re excited about that and, again, thank Dennis Nelson for getting us hooked up to play there.

We are really looking forward to having a stellar 2023 and truly believe that big things are in store for the group! We appreciate everyones support and thank those who are actively contributing to our vision!

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