A year later… things have changed…

Looking back at the last blog post before this it occurs to me that it has been a little less than a year since the band went from full sail to drifting out at sea.

Our bass player Paul made a family move back to St Louis and replacing him (at the time) seemed impossible. During this down time or sax man Casey was getting way to many offers and hanging around waiting to see what we were going to do made no sense. Nic was spending more time helping his sax friend Harry Muldrow (who sometimes sat in with the Hoodoo Brothers) get his reformed band off the ground and so it was decided the band would go on indefinite hiatus.

Here we are almost a year later and the decision has been made to give the Hoodoo Brothers another shot, albeit with a different vibe.

The band enlisted Steve Montgomery as our new bassist. Steve mainly performs with “The House Jumpers” and brings a lot of talent to the band. The decision was made to not go the saxophone route but instead, on occasion, bring in an extremely talented female vocalist from the KC area (by way of Los Angeles), Sabrina Mann. Sabrina has TONS of experience and has a voice that is unbelievable. She will perform with the band when we play closer to KC.

So, we are back rehearsing, and as of today have almost enough material to do a 3 hour set. With Nic playing full-time in The Big Harry Blues Band and Steve in the House Jumpers, we are keeping our gigs to about once a month. But we really think you are going to like what you hear. We are bringing that same energy and killer blues music we did in the past along with some new material..

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