The Hoodoo Brothers – An Introduction

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The Hoodoo Brothers is a four piece, Topeka, KS. based heavy blues group playing cover as well as original material. The band is made up of highly experienced musicians, all with over 40 years playing experience each.

Our goal is to provide an energetic, fun and sonic adventure for our guests at shows. We have a solid song list that expands to meet the expectations of the venues we perform at and do our best at entertaining the audience.

Our song selection as of this posting covers songs by a variety of artists such as Joe Bonamassa, Tab Benoit, Freddie King, Popa Chubby, The Allman Brothers Band, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, Marcus King, Gary Moore, Robben Ford, and More!

We are huge fans of local music and musicians and firmly believe that if you want to truly understand the soul of music you need to listen to local musicians. Nothing wrong with national acts, but local acts are all blood, sweat and soul. Local musicians have to do it all – load gear in, play, load out, rehearse, etc. They don’t usually have the luxury of just showing up and playing. A four hour gig is more like eight hours when you take into account load up, driving, load in, playing, load out, drive again, and the load out once more. National acts make it look glamorous, local acts give you reality. They give you the experience of seeing musicians who love to play music, not for the money, but because it is a part of their being that cannot be denied.

That is what the Hoodoo Brothers are about. We toil and sweat during the week doing our day jobs, but on the weekends we get to let loose our true selves!

We hope you’ll join us in the adventure!

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  1. We are working hard at band practice to make sure we are a band you’d be proud to tell your friends and family about. Rarely do people get to see the behind the scenes workings of a band and how we dissect a tune and break it down and then build it back up with our version crafted to retain the original tune but also put our sound stamp on it. We are looking forward to doing shows and hanging out with people who love the music as much as we do. We appreciate your support and checking back on out social media sites as much as you can!

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