October is about to come to end, bringing us even closer to the end of 2022, which in our view, was a breakout year for us as a group!

We’ve beefed up or song list and added some killer songs that we think folks will enjoy, playing stuff that has more “get up and move” feelings rather than super heavy stuff. While we still do some of that, our goal is to play songs people can move to as well as listen to. We hope if you come to a show you enjoy the material!

Next, our Kickstarter campaign is not going so well. WE won’t make the cutoff which means we will not receive any funds. This means we are going to have a go at recording our EP ourselves and possibly get it mixed and mastered somewhere else. Definite benefits and drawbacks to this approach. Biggest benefit is we can take our time and not worry about studio costs, but the biggest drawback is not having a studio engineer who knows what they are doing and has the skills to to make a recording sound fabulous. We’ll do our best and hopefully the finished product is something folks will enjoy! 

Once it has been completed, will will make it available here as well as having some physical copies made on CD to sell at our shows. We will also, most likely, have it on the main streaming media services like Spotify, iTunes and Pandora. 

Finally, we are actively looking for bookings and trying to make our mark in the KC area, but also in the Lawrence and Topeka markets. Our gig calendar here is always current, so wheat you see is what we currently have booked.

Thanks for reading! Unless anything major happens we’ll post an update sometime in November and then most likely near the end of December to wrap up 2022! 

Thanks for supporting local music!!